is this real life?









So the fact that entire continents only get one princess to represent them wasn’t enough, these crackers decided to make even those princesses white too. 

But ya know, just like they said about white princess Tiana “its important for girls, regardless of race, to feel represented in movies for kids” which is why we need to change every woc princess to white. Yep. Thats right. White girls are under represented. Change all woc to white. That is how you make young girls feel represented

what the fuck is this bullshit
are they going to ignore aurora and snow white and ariel and the whole bunch like fuck that noise

wtf they legit made all the most beautiful disney princesses ugly :/

I swear whites feel the need to take over everything and ruin it.
- Ingrid

People do shit like this purposefully to be incendiary.

They look gross !

they’re all ugly af white.

Look like they got a skin disease.

This isn’t funny at all, but I think ClickHole is supposed to be “satire.”